Terra Cares 4 Naija

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The decision to spread smiles was birthed from a place of focusing on hope rather than the problem, on solutions rather than the poverty; from smiles rather than tears. And 10,000 smiles was a good place to start. And in that vein, the #TerraCares4Naija initiative kicked off on World Food Day 2019; on the 16th of October.

Because it has never been enough to talk about the problem, we decided to act. Therefore, the Terra Cares 4 Naija initiative is set to spread happiness by pitching in to alleviate the hardship in the most underserved areas with the most widely recognized love language – food. We are of the opinion that
with one gesture at a time, one smile at a time, we can gradually change the world.

Having reached out to Agege and Ikorodu, the 2,000 smiles have cheered us on, and we are more energized than ever for the 8,000+ smiles we have left. The next 8 weeks lead up to Christmas, and we’re committed to ensuring Christmas comes early to the streets of Lagos.

We at Terra are highly invested in the Nigerian food scene, and are out to use our food to build bridges to a place of hope. “Terra Cares 4 Naija” is for us more than a catchy tag line; it’s reality. And with this initiative, we will begin to change the status quo. We believe that there are 10,000 reasons to smile, and for 10,000 people, we want to be a reason!