Heritage Foods

Peppersoup & Eko

Cut the fish/meat into as many pieces as you’d prefer, season with salt, terra, peppers and onions and boil When it starts to boil, put in

Egusi Soup & Wheat

Mix the ground egusi with the ground crayfish. Slice the ugwu. Rinse the dry fish and tear into little pieces. Wash the meat and set

Beans & Plantain

Pick beans to make sure there are no stones or chaff in it. Rinse carefully. Slice plantain and set aside. Slice rodo and onions and

Jollof Rice & Chicken

Blend your tomatoes, peppers and onions until you have a smooth mixture, and boil until most of the water is dry. When you start to

Banga Soup & Starch

Prep: Boil the palm nuts till their soft, and pound till the seeds are separated from the shaft. Rinse severally to extract the oil. Blend

Efo Riro & Eba

Wash the meat, slice up the tatashe and rodo, onions and vegetable and keep aside. Season your meat with salt, onions and Terra seasoning cubes,