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Fried Chicken Pasta

Pasta is a staple food that has become very popular in literally every home in Nigeria. This food can be easily cooked just by following…

Terra Cares 4 Naija

The decision to spread smiles was birthed from a place of focusing on hope rather than the problem, on solutions rather than the poverty; from

Oven Fry Goat Meat

Fried goat meat is really sumptuous to devour but frying it demands time and usually comes with oil splatters. There’s a much better way

Peeling Irish Potato

Pick each potato and carefully cut round the potato slightly through the skin, not too deep into the potato. Try to get the cut

Ogbono Soup

Mix the ground ogbono and groud crayfish together, and mix in with palm oil. Set aside. Season and boil the meat