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Make every cooking extraordinary! Get inspired to become extraordinary.





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I first came across @terracubesnaija at the food and beverages exhibition at the landmark centre and it was really super. Can’t wait to get another pack of it
Black n Beautiful
I have been using Terra seasoning cubes since it first hit the market and I can assure that you're going to love it because of its ability to add taste to foods. What I truly love about this seasoning is the aroma and taste it adds to any dish and it leaves the whole house with a truly breathtaking feel.
A colleague introduced me to Terra cubes. At first, I was reluctant to buy it however because it is affordable I decided to give it a try as it is affordable I decided to give it a try
Adaku Nwaiwu Ibeawuchi

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delicious meals cooked with Terra

Today, we take some time to reflect on the impact of human civilization on our surroundings. So, plant a seed today, recycle waste products, avoid making big fires or sending out harmful gases to the air
Because we need to save our planet one act at a time.


The month of June signifies the flourishing of everything new around us. It also marks the end of the first half of the year

May your taste buds flourish in this month with Terra seasoning cubes

Happy New Month!


Today is the day the world celebrates your presence on earth.

Ask your parents for anything you want today. Especially your best food, and make them use Terra cubes so you get the best taste...

Happy Children’s Day!

Children’s Day is approaching and it’s the perfect day to have your kids invite their friends over for a lovely dinner and some fun time. This Stick meat recipe is a good start to treat your children to mouth watering meals all night long.

Who doesn’t like meat on a stick? 😏😏


After a Terrafic end to the season, Leicester City throw away their chance at playing in the UCL by losing to Tottenham at home

This is a first for some of us. We tried this recipe and it was mmm… so delicious! We always look for the best of recipes to share with you and this week, we found the perfect one - Mushroom Soup!


Asides from it being a random act of kindness, you are also sharing the goodness of tastiness that is Terra cubes

Trust us, your colleague will always ask you “ How far chow na?”

Let us know how it goes


In celebration of the International Day of Families, it’s important to let family and friends (who feel like family) know how much they mean to you and invite them for a lovely dinner and good time


We are grateful and happy for the successful & blissful completion of this Ramadan season.

Now, it's time to make merry. So, call on all your family friends and neighbors and share meals with everyone

But never forget that it always gets #BerrawithTerra

Happy Eid Al-Fitr!

Potato or Potahto… this delicious recipe of Potato stir fry shall be made, regardless of how you decide to pronounce it.

Just look at all the tantalizing and mesmerizing ingredients your body is about to enjoy.

Plus, it’s super healthy!


Two people started eating one plate of Jollof rice each at the same time in a big space on a table without drawers. Each plate had one chicken on top.

One person ate their food and was done, while the other ate three extra chickens without standing up to get more.

Eating the same food you’ve eaten all your life but in a different way is what you need today and every day.

This Plantain Omelette recipe is one that everybody has to have a taste of at least once in a lifetime.


Today, we are celebrating amazing people all over the world who strive every day and night to make themselves and the economy better. Thank you for your hard work and resilience.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy because you are A CHAMPION!

Happy Workers Day.


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